Film & Video

Film & Video - Shooting & Editing

We made this in one single snow-packed day in Waltham. Concept, shot, edited, published. Produced (music), shot and edited by this guy. Lyrics, driving, and amazing chocolate chip cookies by my brother Nice Mike aka Midnight Man aka Hunk Rock.


This is a documentary I started years ago and I will finish it. It haunts me. It's about 75% shot and I have learned the valuable and fragile balance  between too much and too little in documentary filmmaking. Here Boston DJ Ninja B battles DJ Sean C and finds out exactly how much New York loves Boston. He then proceeds to dismantle the place cut by cut. Legendary footage courtesy of Rob Swift.


If you visited my font page, you may have read that I did a quick little web series on vintage streetcars. This is one such episode. Shout out to Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Film & Video - Editing

Sometimes you just get lucky and some people you respect mightily just happen to need an editing job. This happened twice. See below.

Three legends at work here. And me. Long Beach legendary MC LMNO of the Visionaries teamed up with prolific Oxnard MC and producer OHNO as well as LA mainstay and legend in his own right Evidence of Dilated Peoples. Shot by my brother Andrew Miranda aka WebOne (RIP).

When I was living in Long Beach and back in school, moves were being made. Had I been able to focus on video work and design full time life might have been very different. That being said I wouldn't change a thing. MED of Stones Throw and superstar vocalist & hall of fame level producer Georgia Anne Muldrow had all the raw footage and just needed the story to be told. I obliged.

Film & Video - Editing

Just a couple little After Effects things I did for kicks way back when. I'm definitely a little rusty but it's gotta be in there somewhere.